Speakers and Moderators

Dr. Etienne Bouyer joined the CEA (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) at Grenoble in 2004 and served as head of the Processes and Components for Energy Laboratory from 2006-2011, and then adjunct director of the New Technology for Energy Program from 2011 to 2016. He is now acting as European Affairs Officer for the CEA/Liten institute focusing on material resources issues. Prior to that, he was from 1997-2003 research scientist within the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics at DLR (German Aerospace Center) in Stuttgart, Germany. Before moving to CEA, Dr. Bouyer spent two years for the SOPREMA group within its R&D Central Laboratory in Strasbourg, France.

He received his Bachelor in Ceramic Science and Engineering from Limoges University (1990) France, M.A.Sc in Material Science & Engineering from both Paris XI/Orsay University and National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (1991) France, and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Sherbrooke University (1997) Canada, respectively.

Dr. Bouyer‘s research centers on inorganic material synthesis and processing mainly directed to new technology for energy applications (hydrogen technologies and renewable energy systems). More recently, the overall topic of material efficiency becomes one of its main subject of interest.


Marja Myllysilta holds M.Sc. in environmental technology. She has almost 10 years experience in environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) according to ISO 14040-44 and has conducted footprint assessments in various technology fields e.g electronics and manufacturing both10 in research projects and in customer assignments. She has been responsible for end-user requirement specification for Sulca 5 life cycle asssessment software, a product developed by VTT. Her current research intererest are developing and testing collaborative LCA data collection and results sharing platform, the network LCA.


Dr. Peter Ylén, D.Sc. (Tech) received his doctoral degree from Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) in the field of system science. His research interests are in research is modelling, simulation, optimization, analysis and re-engineering of technological, social, cognitive and business processes. He has constructed numerous strategic and operative management flight simulators for companies and public organizations – one of these “Product Creation Game” received an Award from the Automation Society of Finland.


Prof. Rodrigo Serna, Since 2015, Prof. Rodrigo Serna has led the Mineral Processing and Recycling group at Aalto University in Finland. His research interests include the understanding of interfacial phenomena in separation technologies, particularly aimed at the processing of metallic raw materials. He is also the project coordinator of two educational initiatives supported by EIT RawMaterials: the Circular Economy Design Forum Master’s course and the Circular Economy Entrepreneurship Doctoral course. Previously, he worked as Research and Development Team Leader in BASF, Germany.


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Markus A. Reuter

Scientific degree:

Honorary Doctorates (Dr. Eng. h.c.) Uni Stellenbosch South Africa (2017) & Université de Liège (Belgium) (2015), D.Eng. & PhD, Uni. Stellenbosch ZA (1991 & 2006), Dr. habil., RWTH Aachen, D (1995)

Previous Positions:

Chief Executive Technologist, Director Technology Management at Outotec (Ausmelt) Australia & Finland (2006-2015), Mintek: South Africa (1994-1996), Anglo American Corp: South Africa (1984-1985)
Professorships: Professor & Prof Fellow Uni Melbourne, Australia (UoM) (2005 ongoing), Adj. Prof at Aalto University, Finland (Aalto) (2012 ongoing), Guest Prof at Central South University, China (2012-2017), Prof & Emeritus at TU Delft, NL (1996-2012)

Current position:

Director, Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, HIF (since 2015)

Recent Research Topic:

Metallurgical Engineering, Recycling, Design for Recycling, System Engineering

H-index: 27 Scopus, 35 Google; Patents >38 in 4 patent families

Some recent publications:

·       M.A. Reuter (2016): Digitalizing the Circular Economy – Circular Economy Engineering defined by the metallurgical Internet of Things-, 2016 TMS EPD Distinguished Lecture, USA, Met. Trans. B, 47(6), 3194-3220.

·       M.A. Reuter, A. van Schaik, J. Gediga (2015): Simulation-based design for resource efficiency of metal production and recycling systems, International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 20(5), 671-693.

·       E. Worrell, M.A. Reuter (2014): Handbook of Recycling, Elsevier BV, Amsterdam, 595p.

·       Lead author of the United Nations Environmental Protection (UNEP) Report (2013) “Metal Recycling: Opportunities Limits Infrastructure” http://www.resourcepanel.org/reports/metal-recycling

·       Various patents e.g.: AU2012323996, EP2786083, CN201280059135.4, JP5940166, NZ624378, ZA2014/03448, AU2012304255, CN201280042180.9, JP5775640, ZA2014/01226, KR1616212, U2012276276


·       https://www.linkedin.com/in/markus-reuter-prof-dr-dr-h-c-09019511/

·       https://scholar.google.de/citations?user=5cLC8VEAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao

·       https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=24559266600

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