Greetings from Freiberg

Omar Velazquez-Martinez

I am currently in a three month stay in Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology (HIF), from November 2017 to end of January 2018. Freiberg is a town in the the region of Saxony, located in the eastern part of Germany. The HIF is one of the four institutes of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, whose main objective is the improvement of environmentally friendly use and recycling of mineral and metalliferous raw materials.

My main objective during this three months was to make a linking project between both the scientific developments by HIF and Aalto University. The aim is to bring the approach developed by Aalto University in the context of the CloseLoop to offer a proof-of-concept of the theories developed by HIF about the use of statistical entropy, aiming to improve the recycling efficiency of lithium-ion batteries. We expect that this collaboration will produce scientific articles published from which both institutions will be benefited. In addition, I received plenty of help from well-known and experienced scientists working in HIF, such as Professor Dr. Markus Reuter (Director of HIF) and Professor Dr. Karl Gerald Van Den Boogaart (Head of Modelling and Evaluation Department, HIF), both collaborated with great input towards the project. I would like to thank both them for all their help during this three months.

While the research and the project was the primary task of my short stayin Frieberg, being in Germany during Christmas time was a great chance to know the famous Christmas markets. I was particularly interested on the Freiberg market, since the town itself is very small and traditional; I must say that I rather preferred the cosiness of Freiberg’s market compared to those of larger cities such as Berlin or Dresden. And, of course, get to know the colleagues in HIF, which I am happy to mention that are young scientists from different nationalities, including Spain, Venezuela, Germany and Brazil to mention a few. I am quite content to have done this trip and I would encourage other Doctoral Candidates to pursue an international experience like mine.


Freiberg Christmas market during a sunny day (Picture by O. Velazquez).

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